Green Impact

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is a change and engagement program that helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility, shows them what they can do to make a difference, and supports them in achieving these actions.

This online program was developed in UK by National Union of Students (NUS) and over 500 universities and organisations have used the model to reach more than one hundred thousand people, 20,000 of whom have actively taken part in the program. Over 2,500 students have been trained and actively participated in the program too. UNSW is one of 14 Universities competing in the Green Impact in partnership with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS).

How does Green Impact work?

You take part by doing fun and engaging actions in an online toolkit. Actions are split into Bronze and Silver categories, depending on their impact and difficulty. Teams may be composed of members from a department, team or floor of a building – whatever suits you. You can register a team now and then start recruiting members before getting going with the toolkit. You’ll receive support at every step of the process and could win an award later in the year.

Why should I get involved?

Green Impact is easy, free, fun and rewarding. By participating you’ll get to:

  • Because you’re going to be amazed at how easy small changes make a big difference!
  • It’s fun! You’ll get to network and collaborate with like-minded colleagues.
  • By leading the change, you’re showing just how easy it can be to be more sustainable.
  • You can win awards! Teams that complete the most actions or have the most innovative ideas for new actions will win a prize.

How will I be supported?

We will be holding a number of Green Impact Q&A session throughout the year as well as doing call- arounds to see how you’re getting on. You’ll receive regular (but not spammy) communications and of course, we’re at the end of the email if you need us – contact details are .

What awards can be won?

Working Towards Bronze - Start doing any of the actions even if it’s only a few;
Bronze  - Complete 15 of the 37 Bronze actions;
Silver    - gain a Bronze award and complete at least 15 of the 31 Silver actions; 
Gold     - coming in 2020! 
Overall Winner 2019 - Team with the highest number of points overall

Special Award- Engagement Innovators -  Go above and beyond the actions of the toolkit, device your own special actions and get rewarded
Special Award- Green Impact Staff Champion - Outstanding achievements of indiviaul team members

Excitingly, 2019 is the first year of the Australasian Green Impact Awards, where special awards winners from all participating Green Impact institutions will complete against each other for top honours! Find out more about the program here. 

How Can I Get Involved?


All UNSW staff can register or join a team to start their green impact at UNSW. 

Here is how it works:

    • Register or join a team here. 
    • Sign up to your online Toolkit. 
    • Work with your team to select suitable actions for your building/office space. 
    • Start completing actions and recording them in the toolkit. 
    • Get support by email, support workshops or through Green Impact Yammer group. 
    • Submit your toolkit by Wednesday 4 September.
    • For detailed instructions, review the toolkit user guide

Team registration is now closed for 2019. You can register an expression of interest for 2020 here

Login to the toolkit here


Postgraduate students (with specific office space) and residents at UNSW can register or join a team to start their green impact at UNSW. Follow the staff instructions.

Other students can join Green Impact as Student Auditors. No technical knowledge is needed for the role and complete training will be provided. If you

  • care for the environment,
  • can work well in a team,
  • are keen to develop communication techniques and practical experience in sustainability and 
  • can spend 1-2 days in September for auditing and training, then this opportunity is for you.

Register Your Interest Here

Key Dates

Green Impact Launch  21-May-19
Staff Team Recruitment  May to 11-Jun-19
Sustainability Stall Arc Winter Festival 6-Jun-19
Green Impact workshop # 1 11-Jun-19
Green Impact workshop # 2  18-Jul-19
Student Auditor Selection Deadline 10-Sept-19
Toolkit submission deadline 13-Sept-19
Student Auditor Training 25-Sept-19
Teams Audit Visits 25-Sept-19
Awards Event    8-Nov-19
Feedback & Evaluation    Nov to Dec-19


Let's join forces to make our University more sustainable.