Green Impact 2020

About Green Impact

Green Impact is a change and engagement program that works with universities to people understand sustainability and social responsibility. 

The Green Impact program was developed in the UK by the National Union of Students (NUS). Over 500 universities and organisations have since used the model to engage more than 100,000 people to become more sustainably-minded with a greater sense of social responsibility for the environment. A quarter of those has actively taken part in the program. Over 2,500 students have been trained and actively participated in the program too. 

Green Impact at UNSW

We first participated in the program in 2019, with 200 staff and students from across UNSW getting involved. In partnership with Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), UNSW was one of 14 Universities competing in the Green Impact. Watch this to see how we took part in 2019. 

All UNSW staff, postgraduate and research students, residential students and Arc clubs and societies are invited to join or form a team to start their Green Impact at UNSW.

If you're a student, you can also join Green Impact as a Student Auditor. You don't need any technical knowledge for the role and complete training will be provided. To receive updates, send us an email to express your interest. 

Staff and student teams - For new users in 2020, please use UNSW toolkit code:187 to register or Join a team here

2019 teams can login here

If you were part of a 2019 team but want o change your team or register a new team, please contact us here

Students only - Register your interest to be an Auditor - email 

You can access more information about how to register here and an overall toolkit user guide is available here

Green Impact 2019 Auditors

Green Impact is a friendly competition and it's free to sign up. It is a fun and easy way to motivate yourself and others to make small changes to be more sustainable - you'll be amazed at how small changes make a big difference. You will make friends with like-minded colleagues who share your passion for the environment, and you will get to be part of something bigger than yourself. By leading the change, you can show just how easy it is to be sustainable.  Especially in 2020, while working from home under the COVID19 situation, specially designed work from home suitable Green Impact toolkit can guide and assist you to have a positive impact at home and at your local community and not just UNSW campuses.  

Green Impact 2019 Team

If you had a team in 2019, you can just login as you did last year and start your 2020 Green Impact journey.

For all new participants, first, you'll need to register a team or join an existing team using the unique UNSW login code 187. You can make up a team with colleagues from the same faculty or division, your team, your floor, your building, or, while you're working from home, your suburb. There are no rules as to who can be in your team. You can even register your team now, and then start recruiting members before you get going with the competition. Once you've got your team, you are ready to play! 

You can access further information on how to register here and an overall user guide  is available here

When you login, the Green Impact program will give you a "toolkit" with a range of  "actions" you can take to be sustainable at work or while working from home. These are split into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories depending on their level of challenge and scope of impact. As a team, you carry out your actions and record them along the way. At the end of the program all teams are audited and the top teams with the highest points will be recognized in an awards ceremony in November. Check out the 2019 Highlights to see last year's winners. 

Green Impact 2019 Action

Engagement and collaboration are key to your Green Impact success. UNSW Sustainability will hold online webinars and showcase events to offer you support as you progress towards your Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. 

You'll receive regular communications of course and you can always contact us if you have any questions -

Green Impact 2019 Workshop

This is how 2020 Green Impact program is bigger, better and more exciting than last year:

  • Work from home actions – special COVID19 edition.
  • Gold award category.
  • 3 compulsory actions for all teams.
  • University-wide target of 1000 actions.
  • Wild Card actions or projects in all categories.
  • Green Impact fund – up to $500 support for four select Wild Card actions or projects.
  • Teams to present their select projects at the awards ceremony.
  • Online webinars with teams showcasing their work and sharing experiences.
  • Teams group set up for better, more active communication among teams.

In 2020 you have many more options to win big.  

Working Towards Bronze Award – Complete at least one action.
Bronze Award – Complete all Start Here actions and at least 75 points worth of actions. 
Silver Award – Complete all Start Here actions and at least 125 points worth of actions.
Gold Award – Complete all Start Here actions and at least 175 points worth of actions.
Green Impact fund – Up to $500 is available for four selected projects. 
4 Special Awards – Green Impact staff champion, working from home champion, working from home team and Engagement innovators award. 

Green Impact Launch 2 June
Staff Team Recruitment  June - 7 July
Welcome and Q&A session #1 18 June
Welcome and Q&A session #2 20 July
Green Impact Teams Showcase

6 August 

Q&A session #3   7 September
Toolkit Submission Deadline 30 September
Student Auditor Training 21 October
Teams Audit Visits 21 October
Awards Ceremony 27 November (2:30PM)
2020 Feedback & Evaluation November-December