Get involved

Find your sustainable campus community

There are several UNSW groups and initiatives that you can join or participate in to get involved in sustainability. Sign up to our mailing list for details on upcoming events and initiatives to help the cause! 

The UNSW Urban Growers is a staff and student group focused on creating and maintaining new green food growing spaces across the UNSW campuses. Get involved in caring for or using any of our existing gardens, or request one, for academic purposes. 

Thoughtful Foods is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run bulk food co-op operating on the UNSW Kensington Campus, focusing on ethical consumption & reducing plastic waste. There are a number of different volunteer roles up for grabs.

Whether you want to reduce your single-use plastics or save some money with a keep-cup, we are keen to hear from students about ways we can make a difference. Keep reading to find out what we are doing already to make UNSW keen to be green.

The Climate Change Network (CCN) is a network of staff and students at UNSW who are interested in connecting with others to address climate change through regular events and activities so together we can discover ways to take action on climate change at the individual level, the workplace and community level, and even broader.