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Extending our impact beyond UNSW campuses

After more than 150 years of agricultural land use, UNSW Sydney will restore the Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station in the far west outback of NSW into a dedicated site for conservation and restoration.

Fowlers Gap with Doug Gimesy

The 39,000-hectare property located 1250km from Sydney – deep in NSW’s arid zone – has operated as a sheep station and research hub for half a century. UNSW holds a perpetual lease to the station and has hosted many researchers, students and artists looking to study one of Australia’s most iconic ecosystems – the arid zone.

"As rich and diverse as the knowledge this station has sprung in its 50 years as part farming property, we are looking forward to restoring this site’s biodiversity and ecosystems,” UNSW Sydney Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Attila Brungs, said during a visit to the site. “Our aim is to make this area a beacon for arid ecology research. We have started by removing sheep and we are now restoring the ecosystem."

Our progress to date