All registered LEAF teams are eligible to receive a selection of free sustainability products. These products are provided by the Environmental Sustainability team to encourage sustainable behaviors in laboratories.

Product request fulfillment is subject to availability. Teams that have not received a sustainability product will be prioritized. 

LEAF product catalogue





Equipment switch off stickers

These stickers remind staff and students to switch off laboratory equipment when not in use. Criteria 9 of the bronze LEAF accreditation can be completed using this product.


Choose which of the 3 sticker types you wish to receive in the request form.

Switch off stickers


Shut the sash stickers

These stickers encourage safe and efficient use of fume cupboards. Installing these stickers has decreased UNSW fume cupboard sash heights by up to 34%, leading to significant energy savings. Criteria 16 of the bronze LEAF accreditation can be completed using this product.


Choose which size sticker best fits your fume cupboard in the request form.

Sash stickers


Outlet plug timers

These timers can be used in conjunction with lab equipment to reduce energy consumption. They are safe and compatible with any 230v outlet. They work best when paired with equipment that gets left on indefinitely. For example, using an outlet timer with water baths ensures water is warmed before users arrive, but not left on overnight. Criteria 9 of the bronze LEAF accreditation can be completed using this product.

Outlet timers


Fume cupboard sash alarms

Thise device alerts users when a fume cupboard sash has been left open. It can be installed on any fume cupboard type and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the group. Criteria 31 of the Silver LEAF accreditation can be completed using this product.


UNSW sash alarms are designed & built on campus by Steve O'brien from the school of Biomedical Engineering.

Sash alarm

Coming May (available to request)

Accredited Laboratory Stickers

These A4 sized stickers (22cm x 20cm) that you mount in the entrance or a prominent location in your lab or workspace. The stickers are printed on PC2 compliant material and can be affixed to any surface without causing damage to wall paint.


To claim these stickers your LEAF team must have achieved bronze accreditation.

Accredited lab stickers