Microfactories: Our secret weapon in the War on Waste

Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla

As images of rising landfills and environmental devastation dominate our news feeds, society is officially awake to the impact that waste is having on our planet.

While keep cups and reusable grocery bags have become common totems of progress, Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla is leading her own quiet revolution against waste, with incredible results.

Under her leadership, the dynamic team at the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) aims to eliminate the concept of ‘waste’ through bold new Microfactory TM recycling capabilities.

At our next Learn@Lunch session, ‘waste trailblazer’ and materials scientist, Professor Sahajwalla, will explain how an unwanted shirt, coffee grounds and other common waste items can be transformed into sustainable building materials.

Meanwhile, her process for developing ‘green steel’ has diverted millions of old tyres from landfills. Through exploring this ground-breaking work, Professor Sahajwalla’s presentation will unpack how such initiatives are crucial to help create a circular economy where materials are kept in use for as long as possible, to create a more sustainable society. 

Please note: Light refreshments will be provided.

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