Buildings & Campus

Development of our campuses presents an opportunity to provide healthy and regenerative places for learning and work that minimise the use of natural resources in their construction and operation. A framework will be developed establishing our approach to sustainable design in new build and refurbishment projects, to deliver spaces that are fit for purpose and future proofed. This approach is underpinned by a minimum standard for new buildings, delivering high levels of sustainable design while allowing flexibility to choose the rating system best suited to each project. Our approach also seeks to drive improved utilisation of existing spaces.


Embed leading environmental sustainability principles and practices throughout the planning and operation of our buildings and campuses


  • Design and build new buildings to minimum 5* Green Star Design & As Built or equivalent and 5.5* NABERS Energy equivalent by 2022.
  • Ensure no net loss in tree canopy cover compared to the 2018 baseline.


  • Establish and implement a framework to embed sustainability best practices into the Estate Improvement and Estate Development programs.
  • Ensure all planting schemes use a minimum 70% indigenous species, with a preference for drought-resistant species.
  • Implement one initiative each year to benefit the natural environment, biodiversity or urban agriculture.
  • Establish a life-cycle Building Information Modelling (BIM) strategy and roadmap.
  • Design new buildings to be zero emissions in operation