Travel & Transport

Access to and around our campuses is an important issue for our staff, students and visitors. In order to minimise congestion, reduce environmental impact and improve health and wellbeing outcomes, we promote the use of active and public transport modes as much as possible.

This focus area includes how people travel to and around our campuses, and how staff and students travel for University purposes as part of our efforts to address Scope 3 emissions. Other key stakeholders include local and state government as well as the local community.


Ensure our campuses are easily accessible by multiple transport modes and our community is supported to make active and sustainable transport choices


  • Increase the percentage of staff and students commuting by active travel modes to 20% by 2022.
  • Reduce air travel emissions by 1% by 2022.


  • Develop a Campus Transport and Access Plan.
  • Provide secure bicycle storage and end-of-trip facilities in key campus locations.
  • Establish processes to measure and offset business travel carbon emissions.
  • Identify and evaluate opportunities to expand AV and VC facilities and promote these as an alternative to travel.