Goods & Services

The purchasing decisions that we make every day have an impact on people and the planet. Through our procurement practices we aim to source goods and services with the lowest environmental impact and greatest economic and social benefits.

In order to focus on where we can make the most difference, we take a risk-based approach, informed by an assessment of the environmental, social and economic risks and opportunities in our supply chain. Our aim is to address these risks and opportunities and align our procurement practices with the International standard ISO 20400:2017 Sustainable procurement — Guidance.

Our activities in this focus area, coordinated by our Strategic Procurement team, mainly involve staff and how we select and work with our suppliers.


Integrate sustainability and ‘circular economy’ principles into procurement practices


  • Align procurement processes with ISO 20400 by 2022.


  • Implement the ISO20400-aligned Sustainable Procurement Roadmap.
  • Implement Sustainable Procurement priority projects.
  • Assess and monitor supply chain environmental impacts.