Learning & Teaching

UNSW offers a range of educational programs in sustainability-related disciplines including renewable energy, climate science, materials science, built environment, biological, earth and environmental sciences, business, engineering and law.

All eight faculties at UNSW offer opportunities to undertake studies with a sustainability focus. While sustainability is taught as a subject in its own right, increasingly UNSW educators are embedding sustainability considerations into the fabric of all courses, with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

Our courses aim to equip graduates with the critical thinking capabilities they will need to become future leaders in their fields, including by helping them develop an informed approach to environmental sustainability risks and opportunities. In this way, our graduates are well prepared to fulfil their potential and contribute to the society-wide challenge of nurturing a more sustainable planet and a fairer, more just society.


  • Offer learning and teaching programs that inspire students to contribute to a sustainable world

  • Provide leading interdisciplinary education in environmental management


  • The SDG module is offered across the FULT (Foundations of University Learning and Teaching) program of study by Term 1 2020.
  • One course per program of study per faculty includes the SDG module as an assessed activity by 2021.
  • One course per program of study per faculty incorporates SDG thinking using the SDG toolkit by Term 2 2021.
  • One project per SDG is developed and integrated as an assessed activity by Term 1 2022.
  • Continue to offer interdisciplinary education in environmental management in line with the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Statement for Environment and Sustainability.


  • Develop an online ‘SDG thinking’ module to improve the SDG literacy of students and staff.
  • Develop an ‘SDG thinking’ toolkit available through UNSW Teaching Gateway.