Learning & Teaching

UNSW offers a range of educational programs courses designed to equip our future leaders with the skills to tackle contemporary challenges environmental sustainability challenges. To embed sustainability thinking across all learning and teaching programs, we plan to introduce a progressive three-year program to engage UNSW staff and students with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We will begin by developing a suite of online resources to enable ‘SDG thinking’ to become part of UNSW courses where appropriate. We then plan a ‘Champions for the Goals’ program where nominated academics become the champion or expert on their assigned SDG. In this role, the lead academic would identify opportunities in assessment tasks where the students can use UNSW as a living laboratory to test the potential application of an SDG.


  • Offer learning and teaching programs that inspire students to contribute to a sustainable world

  • Provide leading interdisciplinary education in environmental management


  • The SDG module is offered across the FULT (Foundations of University Learning and Teaching) program of study by Term 1 2020.
  • One course per program of study per faculty includes the SDG module as an assessed activity by 2021.
  • One course per program of study per faculty incorporates SDG thinking using the SDG toolkit by Term 2 2021.
  • One project per SDG is developed and integrated as an assessed activity by Term 1 2022.
  • Continue to offer interdisciplinary education in environmental management in line with the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards Statement for Environment and Sustainability.


  • Develop an online ‘SDG thinking’ module to improve the SDG literacy of students and staff.
  • Develop an ‘SDG thinking’ toolkit available through UNSW Teaching Gateway.