Research & Advocacy

As one of the leading universities in the country, UNSW’s research and advocacy is a core value-adding activity for all our stakeholders, including the wider community. We’re continually breaking new ground in sustainability-related disciplines including solar energy, sustainable materials technology, biodiversity and conservation, and climate science.

As an international thought leader, we also have the responsibility to ask the big questions. Through our Grand Challenges program, for example, we actively confront the greatest issues facing humanity by leading research, policy and public conversations that can change the world.

As a result, this focus area underpins our contribution to a more sustainable planet and a fairer society.


  • Support researchers to develop solutions to global environmental challenges

  • Be a leading advocate for a sustainable world by advancing policy discussion and debate


  • Implement one sustainability-related research showcasing project on campus by 2020.


  • Communicate UNSW environmental and sustainability-related research to the community and broader society.
  • Provide thought leadership on environmental and sustainability issues through the Grand Challenges program.
  • Invest in new and emerging research areas including Digital Grid and Materials and Manufacturing.