Reduce waste and reuse at UNSW

Over-consumption is a key driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental issues. Find out how you can reduce waste through reuse programs and simple everyday actions. 

Simple actions to reduce waste

  • Carry a reusable water bottle and fill it up at one of the many refill stations at our campuses.
  • Dine-in or bring your own reusable cup, container and cutlery to avoid the need for single-use items. Many retailers at our campuses offer discounts for BYO.
  • Print only when necessary – when you must print, choose double-sided in grey scale.
  • Before purchasing new furniture or equipment, consider used items from furniture reuse program or through University networks like AdminNet.
  • Be careful to avoid wasting food, especially when organising events. Always have a plan for leftovers.

Reuse programs on campus

The Furniture Reuse Program is a sustainable way to manage used furniture at UNSW by minimising waste, improving resource efficiency and managing waste responsibly. The program enables all UNSW faculties, departments and organisations to reuse valuable furniture across our campuses through an OpenCart system, with an intuitive interface, smart stock management and delivery tracking. Find out how it works here

The eReuse Centre helps to reduce e-waste in the environment by accepting your computers to refurbish them for reuse. After salvaging your old tech, we then donate them to socio-economically disadvantaged groups in the community. 

The eReuse Centre is run by Arc - UNSW Student Life. Find out more here

The Stationery Reuse Centre is UNSW’s one stop (free) shop for once-loved and re-purposed pens, highlighters, rulers, and everything else that you forget to shove in your pencil case! 

The Stationery Reuse Centre is run by Arc - UNSW Student Life. Volunteers keep fellow students well stocked on all their stationery needs and work towards a more sustainable campus! Find out more here