Engagement & Integration

Our students and staff are our catalysts of change, and many of them are highly engaged in environmental sustainability issues. This focus area covers our efforts to build a culture of environmental awareness and good practice on campus, and to integrate the Environmental Sustainability Plan into the fabric of the University.

Students can get involved in sustainability through a range of Arc@UNSW sustainability groups and activities such as the Environment Collective, the Producers, eReuse, Bikeology and the Stationery Reuse Centre. Other initiatives and groups such as Green Impact, UNSW Urban Growers and the Climate Change Network actively involve both students and staff. Engagement in sustainability issues can help people find meaning and purpose in their lives and prepare them to contribute to a more sustainable world.


  • Build a community of environmental awareness and good practice

  • Integrate this Plan across University decision-making, planning and management processes


  • Increase levels of student and staff engagement in environmental sustainability, measured through a survey.


  • Develop a sustainability communications plan and engagement program.
  • Measure engagement levels and priorities of the UNSW community through a survey.
  • Develop comprehensive data monitoring, collection and reporting procedures.
  • Complete an annual review and progress report outlining progress against the commitments, targets, and activities in this Plan.